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GDPR And Data Protection Services

We cover all matters relating to:

  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

  •  Data Protection Act (2018)

  •  Convention 108

  •  GDPR Implementation and Compliance

  •  Developing Incident Response Plans and Business Continuity Plans awareness for boards

  •  Design and Implementation of Data Privacy Controls

  •  Advice on privacy issues with existing products and services

  •  Data Protection Impact Assessments and Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIA’s)

  •  Writing and implementing Policies, Procedures, and GDPR compliance framework

  •  Contract Review as well as model clauses

  •  Training business units in Data Protection requirements, risk analysis, developing, managing, and treatment of output

  •  Monitoring the effectiveness of internal and security control

  •  Compliance on SARs (Subject Access Request)

  • Cross-border processing of EU and Non-EU matters

  •  Carrying out regular audits of internal systems and external providers (3rd party vendors)

  •  Data Mapping

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